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11 February, 2012

Pubs We Love (1) - Tor/Forge

Pubs We Love is a new feature we're launching to highlight our favorite publishers!

Our very first publisher we want to highlight is Tor/Forge. They are a division of Macmillan Publishing. Tor/Forge includes the imprints Tor (science fiction and fantasy), Forge (adult fiction and non-fiction), Orb (science fiction and fantasy trade paperback reprints), Tor Teen/Starscape (young adult), and Tor/Seven Seas (manga).

Here are some of our absolute favorites as well as new releases we're looking forward to:

review by Kimberly
review by Kimberly at The Windy Pages
review by Alethea forthcoming
currently on Alethea's iPod
review by Alethea
eee! creepy cover - Jan 2012 new release
Coming May 2012
Coming July 2012
Coming August 2012 (squee!!!)
You can also find books by these
 excellent authors in Tor/Forge's catalog:

as well as these popular series:
The Wheel of Time
and many more!

Browse their catalog here.

You can find Tor online on Facebook (TorBooks, TorTeen,  and Twitter (@torbooks, @torteen, @torkids); find the Tor Teen blog at starscapetorteen.wordpress.com (older blog at torteen.wordpress.com). You can find out more about manga from Seven Seas at www.gomanga.com.


  1. Great post! Thanks for spotlighting a great pub. Love their selection of sci fi and fantasy reads. Article 5 is on my tbr pile right now and I loved Anna dressed in blood. :)