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Moving Forward (dot com version)

If anyone's reading this, and I'll be really surprised if you are, you may be wondering what happened to the blog. I had a lot of content on my original blog,, which I paused a few years ago when I switched to Squarespace and 
Long story short, I didn't feel like I was blogging enough to warrant continuing to pay Squarespace to house my blog. Also, as I was feeling lazy, I ended up losing a lot of data which I hadn't exported from the blog before shutting it down. But all in all, I feel OK about moving forward from where I am now. 
I hope this post answers a few questions for my blog readers and people who send me books to review, and if you have more that aren't answered here, please feel free to comment or message me directly (readnowsleeplater at gmail dot com). 
Where can I find book reviews, giveaways, and events for picture book, middle grade, and young adult books? Those would be at
What can …

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